GETting started:

Fees are the business side of therapy, and of course are a part of treatment. While most people will start with their insurance when seeking out a therapist, sometimes it can be difficult to find therapists that take your insurance and are open to new clients, and who specialize in areas you want to work on. Before I entered private practice I worked with nearly all insurances. There are definitely pros and cons to using insurance for therapy. While I no longer am on all the insurance panels I once was, it doesn't mean that working with me isn't a good fit. I can still bill out of network for you, or if you have limited finances I have a couple of scholarship slots for clients. Let's not let fees and insurance prevent you and your family from utilizing the therapy and services that may provide you with the best benefit.


I am currently in-network with: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Moda, Pacificsource, Reliant, Aetna, First Health, and Providence Preferred.

I can bill several other insurances as out of network too. The fees may be a bit higher, but likely not unmanageable. When out-of-network, fees will be due at the time of the appointment, and then your insurance will reimburse you for their portion covered. Ultimately the client is responsible for knowing your benefits and what your insurance will cover in and out-of-network. I am definitely happy to submit a claim on your behalf or give you a receipt for services, however, I do not guarantee reimbursement by your insurance company. 

Some questions you may want to ask of your insurance company are:

  • Do I have coverage for mental/behavioral health treatment?

  • Does my health plan cover out-of-network providers?

  • Is pre-authorization required?

  • Do I have a deductible and how much have I met?

  • Does my insurance cover family, family without child, and group therapy?

There are some cons to billing insurance, including needing to use a diagnosis that will stay in your medical record; your insurance dictating what they will and will not cover and for how long; and in the fine print of your insurance policy, you might discover that your insurance company has the right to audit your diagnosis, treatment plan, and progress notes to prevent fraud and determine whether the treatment is medically necessary. It is helpful to educate yourself and be aware of these limitations

FEES/Out of Pocket:

My fees for services are due at the time of service:

Assessment/Initial intake session: $175,  60-75 minutes.

Individual Session can vary in length and will be determined by client and therapist when session is scheduled. The majority of sessions I provide and seem to be a great length for most clients are roughly 45 minute sessions. Fees for possible individual sessions are:

  • $125, 45 min session.

  • $150, 55-60 min session

  • $100, 30 min sessions available upon request.

Family/Parent only Session: $150, 45 minute session.

Group therapy: $50, 45 minute sessions.

Again, if these fees feel steep for you/your family, remember that we may not decide that weekly sessions are needed. In fact I have several clients that only have once a month appointments. Further, I have a couple scholarship slots for clients/families experiencing undue hardship or in need of low cost services.

When arriving for your appointment please be prepared to pay with one of the following:  Cash, Check, or Bank/Credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, HSA. Cancellations made in less than 24 hours in advance will result in a full charge for a missed session.

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