more about Justin

I grew up in Northern Nevada and California, and moved to Portland where I earned a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a minor in East Asian Studies from Lewis & Clark College.  After that I moved to Japan for two years where I taught English to elementary and middle school students. It was there I realized I enjoyed working with youth. I returned to the US and earned a Masters degree in Counseling from Washington State University. After a couple of years there I returned to Portland in 2007 where I have practiced as a therapist since. My work has focused on children, families, adolescents, and young adults primarily. AD/HD is one of my main specialities, and I am often referred to by school counselors for youth experiencing behavioral, school, and social struggles. I also specialize in working with youth with Anxiety and Depression, and with young adults experiencing failure to launch or college transitioning struggles. I often work with individuals and families of varying religions, cultures, ethnicities, sexualities, and genders, and pride myself in being respectful and competent in helping all backgrounds. I am motivated to help make real change in the lives of my clients so that they can be happier and have a better quality of life. In my free time I enjoy playing tennis, watching movies, traveling, and being with family.

Portland Therapy Center Member

Services I provide

  • Intake/initial assessment:

Every new patient will have an Initial intake/assessment appointment. These typically go between 60-75 minutes. I have every new patient complete a thorough checklist to identify objective areas of concerns. Then in the intake session we go over your concerns for yourself or your child, the areas of you/your families life, and identify goals to work on moving forward. We then determine what type of therapy sessions we think would be a best fit and the frequency of sessions.

  • individual therapy:

In Individual therapy we address your concerns. We will check on your goals. Sessions can last from 30-60 minutes, which we will determine prior to starting the appointment. Depending on the presenting issues, I will utilize Cognitive behavioral techniques, psychoeducation regarding mental health, solution focused techniques, and other insight oriented techniques, with the ultimate goal of you being happier and feeling like you are doing better in life. I can also utilize Anxiety and AD/HD specific approaches, Play Therapy for a kid, and DBT (grounding/relaxation techniques).

  • Family therapy/parenting:

If we decide some family therapy sessions would be helpful, I utilize collaborative problem solving and psychoeducation techniques. In parenting sessions we will focus on empowering you as a parent to feel more in control and successful, but also with having a better understanding of your child, the reason they are having struggles, and effective communication and skill strategies to help the family function better.

  • Group therapy:

I have provided group therapy services for over ten years for children and adolescents struggling with AD/HD, social and behavioral struggles, and mood coping issues. I am well referred in the community for these groups. Typically a group session will last 6-8 sessions and will focus on skill building. The groups usually occur 2-3x year in Fall, Winter, and/or Spring. Youth typically enjoy group therapy and it can help myself as the therapist get to know the youth in a different setting and work on skills with other peers.

  • Mental health assessment:

I start each client with a comprehensive checklist at the start of treatment. If client and/or parent request additional testing, additional assessments can be used, including assessments for AD/HD, Anxiety, and Depression. These assessments are meant to be for diagnosis or treatment clarifications. I do not provide a "psychological assessment," nor do I do learning testing.



As a licensed professional counselor I complete continuing education every year. I utilize these times to further my expertise on clinical issues, particularly issues related to youth and young adults, but also to solidify my counseling ethics and cultural understanding. Here are a list of some of the recent specialty trainings I have attended:

  • Holistic approaches to treating Psychological disorders

  • Interventions for Teens with web/technological Addiction

  • AD/HD Recent Developments

  • Marijuana and Opiate Dependence

  • AD/HD Child specialist training

  • Affirmative Mental Health Services for Transgender Youth

  • Autism 101

  • Kids and Families Legal, Forensic and Ethics

  • Multicultural Trauma Informed care

  • EMDR Specialty training